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Music for Peace

​In 2009, the National Commission for Justice and Peace produced a unique collection of peace songs (Geet Amn kay) in six languages spoken in Pakistan (Seriaki, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu) with translation in Urdu. The songs were recorded in Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore in challenging circumstances.

Artists in Peshawar risked their lives for recording as most of the recording business was forced shut by the militants. We fondly remember Mr. Ali Khudi, a young man from Hazara Shia community who later became victim of a bomb blast in 2015 in Quetta where he had organized recording of the Balochi songs in extremely trying environment.

This production, based on alternative peacebuilding approach used classical and contemporary poetry. The music album was launched in Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Lahore during 2009-2010. We hope these songs contribute to efforts for fostering a culture of peace.

Music Directors:
Script & Selection of poetry:
Voice over:
Voice over Seriaki:
Voice over (Benazir Bhutto):
Voice over English (Kadam Uthey):
Production manager :
Akram John & Attaurehman Saman
Peter Jacob
Fatima Khan & Peter Jacob
Riaz Bhakhri
Nazir Qaisar
Nikki Van der Zawan
Saima Williams
Naumana Suleman, Yousaf Benjamin and Kiran Afzaal


S.No. Language Song Title Poet Singer Composer
1. Urdu Salam Insan Peter Jacob Malvin Mall Noel Jamshed
2. Urdu Hum jo tareek rahoon mein Faiz Ahmed Faiz Malvin Mall, Humera Channan Akram John
3. Urdu Aman Ke Banjara Nazir Qaiser Javeed Gabriel, Anita Tariq Noel Jamshed
4. Urdu Chirriya Tera Koi Nahi Sheraz Raj Shazia Manzoor M.Aslam
5. Urdu Saar Utha Sheraz Raj Malvin Mall, Anila Khokhar Attaurrehman Saman
6. Urdu Chagai Sey Pokhran Tak Sheraz Raj Humera Channan Attaurrehman Saman
7. Urdu Qadam Uthey Peter Jacob Malvin Mall, Anila Khokhar Akram John
8. Seraiki Eh Jang Aziz Shahid Nadeem Abbas Attaurrehman Saman
9. Seraiki Eh Rishtay Pyar De Irshad Taunsvi Shumaila Khan Attaurrehman Saman
10. Balochi Ya Huda Mast Tawakali Noor Mohammad Nural Noor Mohammad Nural
11. Balochi Tuf Bajang Azad Jamalddinic Noor Mohammad Nural Noor Mohammad Nural
12. Sindhi Wanjho Koelion Ayaz Sheikh Humera Channan Humera Channan
13. Sindhi Moti Mann Shah Bhitai Humera Channan Humera Channan
14. Pashto Kalda Glokara Rehman Baba Sitara Younas Younas Rahi
15. Pashto Meenda Watan Saifur Rehman Saleeem Zulfiqar Bhatti Younas Rahi
16. Punjabi Nizam Lahor / Mann Jiwan Sang Najam H.Syeed/ Wajahat Masood Malvin Mall Attaurrehman Saman
17. Punjabi Aj Akhaan Waris Shah Noon Amreta Pritam Afshan Begum Attaurrehman Saman

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