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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) was born in October 2014 and accredited as a legal entity under the Societies Act 1860 in March 2015.

CSJ was established with a desire to engage in result-oriented research and advocacy concerning human rights, democratic development and social justice for the people in general and the marginalized groups in particular.


CSJ brings together, among its Board of Directors, a unique combination of experienced professionals in human right, law, journalism, practitioners in development and peace-building and conflict resolution. It’s staff is a mix of experience and fresh personnel.

Geographical Outreach

CSJ wishes the whole of Pakistan to benefit from its work though it is beginning with Punjab Province.


CSJ is committed to a vision for Pakistan as a society based on principles of peaceful co-existence, justice and democratic values.


CSJ will further the cause of greater de jure and de facto equality among the citizens of Pakistan at social, political levels using social justice approach.

Aims and Objectives

The Centre will strive to achieve the following aims and objectives:

a) To study issues concerning and suggesting terms of engagement in establishing respect for rights and development of the people in general, and marginalized groups in particular.

b) To conduct the research, disseminate and provide consultations to interested institutions and organizations working for peace and justice,

c) To organize trainings, publications, consultancy service and policy education.

CSJ defines Social Justice for itself as;

“A justice approach that deals with creating and enhancing; equality of rights amongst citizens; opportunities and realization of entitlements given in the domestic and international laws, so that individuals and communities can exercise freedoms meaningfully and to their fullest potential.

CSJ regards discrimination, on whatever grounds, the inequality in all forms and manifestation and the denial of rights or infringement of freedoms; as principal causes of deprivation and suffering in the society. Therefore, CSJ advocates for proactive policies for eliminating; institutional and social discriminations, denial of postulated fundamental human rights to end deprivation and underdevelopment.”

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